Optimized production cost, high productivity, low distribution cost

Most developed agricultural economies through the world invested many years now in Logistics science adopting a lot of solutions within agribusiness.

The main reasons for the adoption of logistics science within agribusiness are:

  • The need of high productivity and high yields
  • The need of reducing production cost (industry, packaging, distribution)
  • The increased needs for supplying and transport agricultural products around the world
  • The increased demand for fresh and frozen products
  • The increased requirement needs in production, sorting, packaging, processing and traceability

Continuous activity of Agrologistics professionals in the agribusiness sector through Europe gives us the opportunity to discover with our customers innovative solutions and new products which can be product and distributed within Greek and European market. These new businesses can be supported from the implementation of new technologies, the opening of a new market or from the development of new co operations.

Total and innovative logistics solutions in production and harvesting of products, usage of agricultural wastes, cooperations of farmers and companies with each other, provides to the business and to our clients strong competitive advantages