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Agrologistics Philosophy

Day to day work with the clients, from the last worker to the CEO, provides the bigger percent of added value to each project more...

Agrologistics Outsourcing Services

We live in the days of high requirements and high specialization. The most modern way of co operation is outsourcing services. With this way you use all the necessary skills in cheapest way. This way of cooperation Agrologistics chose for her activities. The results proves that the choice was correct more...


Case studies

Effectiveness above all

Using as advantages her philosophy and the strong know how of her professionals, Agrologistics achieved, in all her projects until now, very important business results either in direct financial benefits (profits) or in business growth (new products-clients, turnover)

Case studies examples you can find in the following links, depending on the field of services:




The article of the month

Out of the crisis on the rural economy in Greece – The time for rationality in Greek agribusiness

Rural economy in Greece is in crisis several years now. The last two years financial problems came to highlight and...

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